Our Experience

Relentless Pursuit of Customer Success

Who are we?

We are passionate about the customer experience. With a deep legacy of over 30 years in the contact centre environment, we have the expertise to help you navigate the key technologies in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience, leveraging all things AWS.   

We specialise in the design and delivery of Amazon Connect, a cloud-based enterprise contact centre solution used around the globe and are uniquely focused on helping businesses improve customer engagement, while maximising the benefits of the cloud.

What do we do?

We partner with the best in the market to deliver dynamic interactions for customers. We are experts in deploying Amazon Connect as well as other Amazon products that focus on creating intelligent interactions across all channels.

Our expertise is focused on AI & natural language automation, chatbots, CTI/CRM, enterprise integration, user experience design, analytics and workforce optimisation. Combined with best practices and a proven methodology in deploying Amazon Connect, we have the right mix of expertise and innovative solutions to make your vision a reality. 

Amazon Services was looking for a more flexible and self-sufficient business solution for inbound and outbound call traffic and choose to migrate to Amazon Connect. Amazon HR Services: Cloud Contact Center Migration Data from customer surveys has already begun to empower agents to deepen the emotional connections made with each and every caller, further demonstrating the effectiveness of the new solution. Aussie: Amazon Connect enabled over 200 staff and volunteers to provide seamless support to shielded residents throughout the borough. The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead: customer experience The cloud infrastructure of Amazon Connect enabled the swift assembly and disassembly of a complete contact center in a matter of days to address the flood victim’s needs. Red Cross: Connecting Hero’s Faster Creating a consistent and dependable interface with customers through CTI integration with the Amazon Connect platform. Agero: The solution provides both real-time and historical analytics giving Carsales immediate access to ”voice of the customer data” Carsales: