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Intellidash Analytics for Amazon Connect

IntelliDash – Powerful business intelligence for Contact Centre managers

IntelliDash for Amazon Connect delivers dashboard insights to Contact Centre managers in real-time. There’s no wasting precious time waiting for reports to generate. Get the insights you need within seconds giving you complete transparency to make the decisions that matter. Locate and avoid future customer service issues, improve business performance and drive innovation. Forecast customer behaviours using historical data for seamless Contact Centre operations.

Integrations As You Need

Aggregate and correlate data from multiple business sources, including native data connectors to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and workforce management systems. Receive both historical and live actionable insights in a simple format that can be customised for your needs.

Customisable Dashboards

The drag & drop functionality makes customising your dashboards a breeze. Ensure your Contact Centre fits your organisation brand with the ability to add your own colours, fonts and logos. Perfect for displaying key data on wallboards around the office or on the Contact Centre floor.


Customise your dashboard with animations to create engaging and visually appealing data. Gamification can be used to reward agent performance using points scoring or provide instant recognition through a team leaderboard. This fun and interactive tool injects healthy competition among staff, leading to increased performance.

Key Features of the IntelliDash Dashboard for Amazon Connect

  • Scalable and highly adaptable to any organisational model – today and tomorrow
  • Real-time supervisor insights enables teams act on issues before they arise
  • Built with powerful connectors to over 80 of the most common systems and data sources, delivering real-time actionable insights
  • Fast and easy to deploy – implementation is completed within just 48 hours
  • Completely customisable to suit your brand and Contact Centre operations
  • Screen responsive to fit desktop, TV, tablet, mobile and other devices