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Creating a Smarter CTI Connection for Amazon Connect

VoiceFoundry delivers advanced CTI integration for Amazon Connect, offering contact centre agents the ability to easily look up customer profile information and deliver a more efficient interaction.

Agents spend less time on tedious and redundant look-ups, and more time focusing on servicing customer’s immediate needs without searching for information, reducing handle times and increasing customer satisfaction.

The Amazon Connect for Zendesk App

The Amazon Connect for Zendesk app provides direct access to the Amazon Connect platform right inside your Zendesk Support account. The app generates tickets when new calls are answered or outbound calls are placed, and updates tickets with additional call details at the end of the call.



Through the Amazon Connect for Zendesk app you will be able to:       

  • embed a web-based softphone directly in Zendesk Support.                  
  • link caller to a Zendesk Support end-user profile based on the caller’s phone number.
  • create new user profiles in Zendesk Support with the phone number of the caller if the user does not exist.
  • screen pop events (new Zendesk tabs) for inbound and outbound calls.
  • create a new ticket and display it to an agent.
  • open an existing ticket for an agent, if caller already has a support ticket open.
  • add a recording to a Zendesk Support ticket with the ability to play/stop recording in Zendesk Support.





The Salesforce adapter gives customers the ability to integrate seamlessly between Amazon Connect and Salesforce, the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

VoiceFoundry has a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform and has dedicated, certified, Salesforce team members to help with everything from consulting and guidance to building a complete Salesforce solution for you. From custom screen pops to IVR-integrated workflows to Lightning and Visualforce application development, we have your Salesforce needs covered.

Key features of the CTI Adapter include:

  • Agent state synchronization
  • Call attributes display
  • Automated outbound dialing
  • Embed Amazon Connect Call Recordings in the Call Activity record
  • Use of AWS Lambda functions to lookup, create, and update operations for different Salesforce objects, such as Contacts and Cases, within Amazon Connect contact flows
  • Support for Salesforce Sales and Service Console in Classic and Lightning

ServiceNow CTI Connector includes:

  • Call Control and Management -Ability to place calls on hold and then resume the call
  • Click-to-Call – Quickly contact customers from the ServiceNow interface by clicking any highlighted number to dial without the need to enter any digits
  • Screen-Pop -Collect and deliver call details and customer information from AWS Connect to a ServiceNow empowered agent, reducing overall agent handle time

The ServiceNow CTI Connector for Amazon Connect improves the customer support experience and works towards making day-to-day work activities more productive and simpler.

The Freshdesk integration enables customers to quickly integrate Amazon Connect call details into a clean, simple module within the Freshdesk workspace. Agents have immediate access to customer details including ticket history to ensure customer’s support needs are quickly resolved.

CTI Connector for Freshdesk includes:

  • Ticket Status – the open time and due date are recorded
  • Customer Information – contact info is found right inside ticket
  • Ticket properties – priority, current status, source of ticket can be viewed and managed
  • Caller history – previous support conversations logged and available for reference