Solutions that drive customer experience

Our cloud-based technologies and services have been specially developed to help businesses engage customers and maximise efficiency.  We augment interactive experiences in order to deliver customer satisfaction and loyalty. Are you ready to create the ultimate customer experience?

Contact Centre

Create an effortless End-to-End customer experience through intelligent contact centre technology integration. A sole customised platform achieves greater agent efficiency and customer satisfaction.

UX Design

Based on data-driven insights you can continually improve IVR based on real-world customer problems. This enables you to pre-empt business challenges you may not be expecting, and deliver a seamless user experience.

CRM & CTI Integration

Integrate important customer data all in the one location to make customer interaction a streamlined process every time.

Voice Response

Provide your customers with a simple, smarter Self-Service IVR experience. With an advanced and interactive voice response, your agents can spend time on more complex queries.

Natural Language & AI

Make self-service more conversational through the use of AI and Natural Language. Give customers a better customer experience, while maximising agent efficiency.

Workforce Optimisation

Develop effective scheduling, planning and other contact centre resource management.

Contact Centre

With extensive contact centre experience, VoiceFoundry are able to provide a full scope of Contact Centre services; from consultation, design and development through to implementation.  Our team of experts are available to offer solutions for all significant technology components in the enterprise contact centre industry. We create custom solutions to suit your business, so that you can manage customer interactions efficiently and effectively.

Voice Response

Whether it’s developing highly customised IVR applications or combining off-the shelf solutions, Voice Foundry is ready to help deliver exceptional voice experiences for any enterprise level operation.  We are experienced in implementing IVR solutions in a variety of verticals including government, healthcare, utilities and banking and offer cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployments. We can quickly integrate our IVR solution into your contact centre to deliver better service and enhance your customer experience.  

User Experience Design

Enhance the value of every customer interaction with our User Experience Design expertise. Our data-driven approach to evaluating the operation of your contact centre leads to increased call productivity, decreased opt-outs and operating costs and an overall improved customer satisfaction rate. VoiceFoundry uses a tried and true method of Discovery, Design and Deployment to thoroughly evaluate and enrich the overall customer experience.

AI & Natural Language

VoiceFoundry uses AI & Natural Language in agent and self-service customer transactions, taking advantage of the cognitive services and proven AWS products like Alexa and Lex. Reducing costs, making service agents more effective and thereby improving the customer experience with a more conversational approach to self-service, are all results of our effective use of this technology. Customers are able to quickly present and find resolution to common issues traditionally not handled by legacy IVR systems.

the Cloud in your business.

CRM & CTI Integration

VoiceFoundry’s CRM & CTI integration solution works with the contact centre platform to send a customer contact and its attached data, such as an account number, to the agent best equipped to handle the enquiry. Agents view screen pops and are able to complete business quickly without asking the caller to repeat information they’ve already been asked for. Relevant customer data and historic interaction data from all channels can be viewed simultaneously for easy access to all of the material the agent needs to optimise each caller’s experience.

Workforce Optimisation

Effectively manage your omni-channel Contact Centre with the tools provided by a VoiceFoundry Workforce Management solution. Businesses gain a better understanding of workload distribution for forecasting and scheduling as well as an awareness of overall agent efficiency. Quality monitoring and automated analytics allow each customer interaction to be evaluated by the agent and supervisor and provide a complete view for performance management.

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