SMG AgentTrack

VoiceFoundry Post-Call Survey for Measuring Amazon Connect Interactions’ – Powered by SMG AgentTrack is now available in the Amazon Marketplace.

VoiceFoundry delivers powerful integration with SMG to measure Amazon Connect interactions.

VoiceFoundry partners with Service Management Group (SMG) to deliver an advanced, post-interaction survey for Amazon Connect solutions. Assessing the customer experience following both live agent and IVR interactions, the survey allows businesses to quickly and easily gain customer feedback on each interaction—in real-time. No longer do you need to send an email and hope for feedback from customers.

Post-Call Survey for Amazon Connect offers a simple, self-serve survey interface that makes building and deploying a new survey quick and easy. Users are able to download the application from the Amazon Marketplace and select the questions for the survey from a list of questions specific to the live agent or IVR experience.

Once the survey has been created, users are able to invite customers to the survey immediately after their experience—whether it’s by IVR, email, or chat. Those survey results are reported in real time on a role-based reporting dashboard, which helps supervisors identify coaching opportunities, focus on improvement efforts, and track performance over time.

Key Features:

  • Choose from a list of industry-tested questions to build surveys that target live agent interactions and/or IVR experiences.
  • Capture and report on key indicators of customer satisfaction to ensure you’re delivering positive experiences through Amazon Connect.
  • Gauge agent performance on knowledge, professionalism, and the ability to resolve issues on the first touch-in pursuit of elevating the experience for your customers.

Survey Setup: Users can quickly select the questions from a menu of items for either agent interactions or IVR interactions.

Now available in the Amazon Marketplace.

To access, simply click on the VoiceFoundry Post-Call Survey for Measuring Amazon Connect Interactions’ – Powered by SMG AgentTrack application in the Amazon Marketplace and download the application. Don’t let another day go by without knowing you’re delivering a great customer experience!

Download the Integration Guide for the VoiceFoundry Post-Call Survey powered by SMG AgentTrack for Amazon Connect.