Case Study

Smarter and More Reliable Customer Experience

Needing a Contact Centre solution to take calls on behalf of KIA Customer Affairs, Agero selected Amazon Connect to fulfill their needs. Linkages to legacy Agero solutions relating to the CRM were imperative to the project and VoiceFoundry was able to successfully deliver results within the aggressive timeline. English, Spanish and Korean language needs were incorporated in the project as were the IVR requirements for collection and validating customer-entered information and CTI screen pop conditions.

About Agero

Agero supports the majority of leading vehicle manufacturers and insurance providers in the US with their innovations designed to strengthen their businesses and create stronger, lasting connections with their customers.  They have developed a reputation for excellent customer service through their roadside assistance call centres which respond to over 10 million requests for emergency assistance each year.  In this instance, Agero partnered with KIA Motors, South Korea’s second largest automobile manufacturer, to manage Customer Affairs inquires through their contact centre. To support the changing infrastructure of KIA, VoiceFoundry worked with AWS Connect to setup and deploy the AWS Connect contact centre platform.


Agero directed the VoiceFoundry and Connect team to create an Agero specific AWS instance for approximately 100 contact centre agents to take calls on behalf of KIA Customer Affairs.  Calls for KIA were to be handled by Agero agents utilising the AWS Connect platform with linkages to a KIA provided CRM platform.  The project asked for the development of an interface between AWS Connect and the CRM platform to support core CTI capability including relevant scenario-based screen pops and interactions between a caller and the Agero contact centre agent.  Of particular note was the need for language options to include English, Spanish and Korean.  Recording, reporting and training functions were also part of the requirements.


The VoiceFoundry and AWS Connect team successfully delivered a new Amazon Connect Instance and AWS Services to Agero within the predetermined, yet somewhat aggressive timeline. The requirements for the IVR were fulfilled with the IVR successfully collecting and validating customer-entered information (phone number or case number) for English speaking customers and Korean and Spanish speakers being routed directly to either Korean or Spanish speaking agents.  The CTI integration was set to perform the screen pops based on the one of the four conditions cited.  Agents receive inbound and make outbound calls from the softphone embedded in the system.  Finally, the historical data was made accessible for custom report generation and the call recordings were made available for 100% of the calls and reachable for search and playback.


Flexible Integration

An open platform that was easy to integrate with other systems such as a CRM solution meant that the team of Amazon Connect and VoiceFoundry were the best contact centre providers for the job. Existing legacy Agero solutions were quickly adapted to work with Amazon Connect.


Agero has a focus of always being the partner of choice, which meant that a consistent and dependable interface with their customers was necessary which blended well the innovative and rock solid Amazon Connect platform.


Our teams strive to disprove the notion that software technology projects have to be complicated and painful.  Customers can be assured that design and deployment are efficient and effective resulting in a better customer experience.

About VoiceFoundry

VoiceFoundry is passionate about customer experience. We specialise in the delivery of cloud-based enterprise contact centre solutions and are uniquely focused on helping businesses develop a strong cloud migration strategy. We are experts at deploying solutions based on the Amazon Web Services portfolio with a special focus on Amazon Connect for contact centres.

Our expertise is focused on AI & natural language automation, CTI, enterprise integration, user experience design, analytics and workforce optimisation. With a relentless pursuit of customer success, our team strives to disprove the notion that software projects have to be painful – and that technology must hurt to work.