Case Study

Global Touring – Amazon Connect and the Secure Contact Centre

Global Touring with brands including Topdeck Travel, Back-Roads Touring and Blue-Roads Touring (USA) are part of the Flight Centre family.

Global Touring required a cloud contact centre to handle interactions from its three brands while at the same time be able to securely take credit card payments over the phone. With their Brisbane based business in the process of relocating, they needed a solution that was not tied to on-premise hardware and trunks. Agents needed to be able to work from anywhere.


The Virtual Engagement Centre

Global Touring partnered with VoiceFoundry as well as cloud software vendors Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Payshield to implement state-of-the-art contact centre technology, Amazon Connect, integrated to Payshield’s PCI-DSS secure credit card payment solution.

Amazon Connect is 100% cloud based with no hardware required. Connect also comes with carriage meaning there is no requirement for trunks or gateways on site. It allows agents to work from anywhere; the office, home or remotely. All an agent needs is a computer and an internet connection. This was critical for Global Touring who had to move office locations two weeks after they migrated to Amazon Connect. The relocation was seamless with agents simply logging in the next morning at the new location and immediately able to interact with customers.

“The flexibility, scalability and ability to have agents work from anywhere is what made Amazon Connect shine in comparison to its competitors”

Priya Dave, Global IT & Project Leader, Global Touring


Secure and Simplified

Global Touring were looking for a new cloud solution that was intuitive for agents and enabled PCI-DSS compliance. Agents also needed the ability to choose the Merchant ID and the payment currency in a single interface. Amazon Connect’s contact control panel (CCP) is fully customisable. VoiceFoundry were able to integrate Payshield’s Payline into the CCP as well as provide the agent with controls to select the Merchant ID and currency.

The solution integrated with Global Touring’s bank payment gateway which meant customers received receipt details immediately. The result is Global Touring customers can now input their credit card details on their handheld device without being displayed or heard by the contact centre staff. It has the added benefits of descoping the contact centre for PCI-DSS compliance audits while providing excellent customer support.

“The AWS Cognitive CX suite allows us to integrate to applications like Payshield in a matter of days. It means smaller contact centres can get the benefit of the Amazon Connect features and be PCI-DSS compliant; in the past this was only achievable for large scale centres with sizeable budgets.”

Luke McNamara, Country Manager ANZ, VoiceFoundry


Benefits and Future Innovation

Global Touring benefitted by implementing a genuine cloud, scalable, flexible and PCI-DSS compliant contact centre.  They were also able to enhance their customers’ experience by reducing the Average Speed of Answer by 30% with the introduction of Amazon Connect.

AWS’s Cognitive CX suite provides a range of services such as contact centre, machine learning and text and speech analytics capabilities. It’s an API powered platform with easy integration to other applications and customer data, which enables smart customer experience. As Global Touring expand the capabilities to the UK, they’re looking to embrace technology to enhance the experience of their customers.

“As we move to a global telephony platform, we’ll be working with VoiceFoundry to innovate our approach and ensure we’re giving our customers the best possible experience 24/7”

Dinelle Hinte, Implementation Co-ordinator at Global Touring